lamar casey

​Singer/Songwriter/Producer/CEO Casey Lamar Casey has an innovational mind that brings a creative sound to the body of Christ. His brilliant God given talent brings forth encouragement and deliverance to his listeners. Lamar’s Holy Spirit inspired lyrical sense encourages him to push past the expected, and give the unexpected. Revelation of his call, Lamar took the limits off his music bringing a unique since of style, because he knows he is empowered by the Spirit of a boundless God. Unashamedly, Lamar celebrates his salvation through his music, making him one of the Lord’s sweetest psalmists. Born in Toledo, Ohio as a child Lamar was faced with a challenge. He was forced to give up his childhood. The lack of parental supervision put him in a position to help take care of his younger siblings. Also, no guidance led him to believe that God’s ordination, wisdom, and grace kept him from doing things that could’ve killed him or land him in prison. Lamar’s father-like childhood, sparked and introduced his love for music. His child inspirations were artist like Michael Jackson, Troop, Mint Condition, Jodeci, R. Kelly, and many more. Naturally, his inspirational artists provoked a desire to make contributions in the world by producing secular music. Lamar’s choice made him the devil’s advocate by influencing people to sin. Heavily convictions brought him to a place where he wanted to be viewed no longer by society as a sex symbol, but by his wife and children as a godly man. Revelation of his image and influence to others was reflected through the actions of his children. Knowing his ability to lead, Lamar quickly recognized he had to lead his family and others towards the correct path in life. In order for Lamar to be a leader in his home and to others he had to seek out a leader to follow. He needed to be taught on how to be the man he desired to be. God blew his breath of life and ministered to Lamar and he made the wise and conscience decision to follow Jesus Christ for the duration of his life’s journey. The enemy attempted to make Lamar bound to the secular music world by lying to him stating: “this was the only type of music he could make”. The lie was revealed even the more once Lamar was introduce to musical geniuses like Deitrick Haddon, Smokie Norful, J. Moss, and Canton Jones just to name a few. Since then, Lamar has made his first of many CDs to come. His Love/Gospel CD is filled with therapeutic rhythms that bring food to the soul, healing of the heart, and magnifies the King of kings. Not only has he made his own CD, but he has created his own record label Spirit Led Music. He produces records for inspiring artist such as Nanamous, IllumiNate, Antionious, Mike Chac and etc. He’s also an audio engineer, a barber and anticipates opening of his own shop in 2013. He is a man of many talents; a renaissance man. Lamar is a man of spiritual warfare, a man of love, a man of compassion, most of all a man after God’s own heart. Enjoy God through him, for you and above all for the Glory of the King!